Hi everyone! ~ It’s still me 🙂 y’all might be wondering why this blog is empty, but I decided to finally change my username to : seoulfulangel . All my previous posts are there. My drama reviews, movies and all things korean drama/movie related. Now, I will still have this blog mainly for all the korean music I am in love with. 🙂 so please look out for my korean music review debut ^^v


[Review] Epik High : Shoebox

For my first music review, I’m gonna talk about Epik High’s latest album, Shoebox. I happen to like this album, I do like 99 but I personally prefer this one because I like the songs here more. I’m going to review Happen Ending and Born Hater.

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Hello people!!!

So I haven’t updated this blog in a super long time, I do apologize for that since I’ve been on my drama page recently but I promise to catch up on this music page and do Music Reviews for the mean time. I won’t be posting Dload links anymore since they are a pain to make but if you do want to request one when I will gladly do it for you ^^.

If you want to be updated with me or what then my drama page is updated; I have it under seoulfulangel now ^^v.